Thursday, December 04, 2014

Back to the super mom mode!

With too much work, projects and activities going on in my life, I feel that I’m back to the Super Mom mode. I first encountered that when I had to go back to work right after having my twin boys. As a new mother with no domestic help and a full time job starting at 6:00 am, life wasn’t easy.

Strange enough, these were the days in which I was most highly productive.

Anyhow, recently over the past few days, I have felt like I’m back to that super multi-tasking situation. I wake up early, prepare my now 9 years old boys, lunch boxes and breakfast. Wake them up and carry out the usual morning routine. I drop them to school.

Go back home…eat breakfast while reading yesterday’s newspapers (It sounds illogical, I know, but it’s part of my work)…work on my computer…prepare lunch (I’m sometimes kind enough to prepare healthy homemade cake for my husband to take to office!)…continue working (filming, editing, writing, etc)…grab a bite…spend some time with the boys talking about their day at school…leave them to do homework…go to a company where I have accepted an additional freelance work lately…stay there till 10 pm…return home…grab a bite…waste sometime sitting in the living room doing nothing…go to bed…and it goes on…..

Do I do all of my tasks perfectly? Not all the time. Do I feel satisfied? Yes, and you know why? I don’t worry any more. In fact, I don’t have time to worry. Moreover, when I’m busy, I can’t help but focus on accomplishing the most important tasks well and the leave the rest to nature and God to take care of.

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