Friday, June 22, 2012

Have Some Tea!

I stood in the supermarket in front of the tea shelf trying to pick a new type. I found black tea with fruits flavor but it had pieces of fruit which I found rather strange. Then there were new blends of fruits for different purposes; relaxing, refreshing, comforting etc. Given that the temperature outside was above 35 °C, I thought I would definitely go for the refreshing one. Besides it has the flavor of wild strawberries and described as the perfect blend for the summer. Then I thought of the amount of coffee and tea I drink all day and how I become tense at night and sometimes have trouble sleeping, and so the relaxing blend with apple, orange, and cinnamon seemed perfect. The description on the pack said “A delightful blend of apple, cinnamon and cloves with zesty orange peel. Perfectly balanced to create a truly warm and festive aromatic infusion; Winter Charm Infusion”. What? Winter? It is like listening to Om Kolthom early in the morning! I should definitely get the strawberry blend. I stood for a moment looking at both packs and thinking of how successful I’ll be in writing a book on how to make your life complicated :) then I smiled and went to the check out. 

Guess with which type?