Monday, March 29, 2010

أدى الربيع عاد من تانى

Here comes spring again

Buying Carnation has been one of my delayed plans for the last 2 springs, and then I saw them today in my way back from my first Tennis training :). Though the man wasn’t my favorite florist, I decided to buy a bunch. I didn’t want this spring to also pass without having these colorful flowers with their lovely scent.

One of the things that always make me feel that spring is here, beside the flowers, which we can actually notice only at the florist’s because Cairo streets are not that full of trees and flowers, is Soad Hosny’s lovely song about spring (الدنيا ربيع). The poet “Salah Jaheen” who wrote the lyrics is already one of my favorites and in this song he has been really creative and spontaneous.

This is my favorite line in the song:
الشجر الناشف بقى ورور و الطير بقى لعيبى و متهور،
و إحنا هانفرفش إمتى أومال دلوقتى و لا فى سبتمبر

And these are my carnations for this spring:

Have a colorful spring!