Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Should I quit?!

Would you continue working in a job that doesn’t satisfy you, just because you can’t afford staying at home or at least don’t want your parents to pay for your expenses again? I’ve been trying to find an answer for this question for quite some time and I can’t really come out with an answer. I’ve been in my first and only job for about 2 years and a half now. When I first got employed along with a number of my colleagues at college, we used to have discussions about whether what we’re doing is worth it or not, whether it’s needed or not etc. Back then I had some doubts but I believed that what we’re doing is a step on the way, though not the optimum. I don’t recall doing something I’m not convinced with, technically, but I’ve seen people around me doing so. This made me think that if I was ever asked to do something that I’m not convinced with only because my manager (who is very stubborn, usually can’t see anything except his point of view and has a rapidly changing opinions for similar situations...a typical Egyptian manager) believes that this the only way it should be done, I’d simply quit. You might be wondering why I haven’t been in such situation for this long time. Well, the good thing is that my manager respects me a lot and unlike my other colleagues he can sometimes listen to me and be convinced with my opinion. Actually, I’m always the one in charge when he or the vice manager (who I & her agree alot and are almost friends) aren’t around and in fact this represents another problem…leading peers. A while ago I was really considering quitting because the work environment became really stressing. I couldn’t stand dealing with my colleagues at work because most of them don’t accept as their leader, not because I’m not qualified or bossy or things of that sort; just because we’re the same age and things shouldn’t go this way (but if any of them was chosen to lead, it would have been because of his/her qualifications and great managerial & leadership skills. Ironic, isn’t it?). Back to where I started, should I quit? Calculating the losses and gains, what I’d really lose is my salary and contact with the field, though I can’t stand the idea of working just for money. I don’t think that I’ll suffer from boredom because I’ve a lot of things to do in my life, mainly working on my master. And the good thing about finishing my master is that, I might get out with a result that can be sold and somehow have my own business. Anyway, I don’t want to put too much hope on that as I’m just getting started. So, should I quit?