Sunday, June 10, 2007

Their Islam...

I read a report today at the BBC Arabic web site that made me really furious and disgusted.
The report was about the discrimination and violence against non-Muslim minorities in Iraq after the American invasion.
Two incidents captured my attention, in one of them a nine years old boy was forced to jump through fire by unidentified militants because he refused to turn into a Muslim, and in the other a woman was raped in front of her husband because she was not covering her hair !!!
I can put million exclamation marks but this won't stop me feeling shocked that any sane person who claims to be a Muslim can actually believe that raping a woman is justified more than her refusing to cover her hair.
Islam prohibits attacking women, children and elders, who belong to any party that is at war with Muslims, so how can anyone justify attacking women and children who are at peace with Muslims and have never attacked or harmed anyone?
I just can't imagine what kind of dirty minds that guides people who do these things.
If in Islam, a nine year old boy is not even considered old enough to be punished for not praying, then how can these stupid people give themselves the right to question him about his religious beliefs?
I blame no one for hating Islam if that's how Muslims act nowadays.