Wednesday, March 02, 2011

For God's Sake...

I can convince myself that the policemen are afraid or not psychologically ready to get back to the streets but can anyone tell me why they aren’t protecting the country’s assets and treasures. We are all aware of the specific police sections which are having unresolved issues with the citizens, like the State Security Device and the Central Security Forces. But again can anyone tell by what kind of problems do the citizens have with the Tourism Police? Why haven’t those returned to their respective places protecting the touristic sites nationwide and actually why have they left their places in the first place!

The interior affairs ministry with its the policemen is still insisting on teaching us the lesson of freedom vs. chaos. A lot of voices are calling for standing by the honest and honorable policemen and not mixing them with the corrupted ones. But where are these honorable men? If their ministry hasn’t given them yet the permission to reallocate themselves in the streets then why don’t they get down on their own and protect their country?

The state minister for the Monuments Affairs, Zahy Hawas, called in a show yesterday and talked about the disaster of having the historic places nationwide being robbed, destroyed, and in some cases built on. The hilarious thing is that he said that he has called for the revolution youth, through the Facebook, to protect their national treasures. I wonder why he hasn’t talked to his prime minister!

After all such disasters that we hear of everyday, are there people still believing in Ahmed Shafeek’s government and thinks that we should give them a chance?!

خلص الكلام

بوروندى وقعت بالأمس إتفاقية عنتيبى الخاصة بدول حوض النيل لتقليل % 27 من حصة مصر فى مياه النيل وبذلك يمكن أن تدخل هذه الإتفاقية حيز التنفيذ بعد موافقة المجالس البرلمانية للدول الموافقة على الإتفاقية و هو ليس بالشئ المستبعد...ماذا ننتظر لإقالة أبو الغيط وكل من تسبب فى تخلى مصر عن عمقها الأفريقى؟!