Monday, November 05, 2012

Losing Perspective

This morning I yelled at my boys, ordering them to stop asking me questions while I'm trying to squeeze my car into endless traffic in a desperate attempt to reach school in time. I left home at 7:30 am, assuming I will arrive 15 minutes early, as I always do. However, I didn't. So, what? I drove nervously to school, yelled again at the boys to urge them to move faster towards their class, got back into the car and drove back home while suffering from a terrible headache, that's probably a result of my temper.

As I moved away of the school, I asked my self: What am I teaching my kids here? That it's OK to loose your temper in the face of minor everyday situations? I know that even though this was not my intention, this is the lesson they will learn from this morning's incidence. And it's not just today. How about when I got upset when I broke a cup, or when I couldn't find my keys, or ... the list could be endless, with minor and major everyday encounters. Again, so what? What happened, happened. Why can't I just take a deep breath and go on? Why do I have to stop every time something like this happens and spoil the whole day for it? I really don't know. It seems I loose perspective during these situations. I forget what matters and what doesn't. I "zoom" on the incident somehow. In doing so, I see it enlarged and I don't see the whole picture anymore.

Anyone has suggestions on how to regain my perspective?