Saturday, May 16, 2009

Everyday Stuff in the Underground

Last Thursday, I was at Giza underground station, after driving my sister to the train station. I wasn’t really in a good a mood and as usual began thinking if I’d have the same fight telling men not to ride in the “ladies only” carriage (not the ladies only carriage till 9 pm). I always feel bad when I stand still and don’t take an action in such situations. I feel negative and I don’t like this at all. Anyway, as soon as I got into the carriage I found that the men number outweighs the ladies number, twice at least. So I decided that it won’t be a fair fight and didn’t talk, feeling bad about myself. I won’t talk about the men who sat comfortably while ladies with children stood right under their nose. I’ll talk about a man who got on board to beg. He was rather young and used a wheelchair to move. He asked people to help him and some responded and gave him money. Then a station came, he rushed to the door, while one or two were stretching out their hands to give him more money. He couldn’t get out in time, so he decided to wait to the next station. While waiting he began another begging round. I noticed that he was rather rude while moving through the carriage, asking people to free room for him to pass. I also noticed that both his legs were moving and that he just had some sort of a dermal disease in one of his legs. He was definitely not paralyzed. He got off in the same station as mine and rushed out so that he can get into the next carriage. He shouted at the people who were descending from the carriage in a very rude way so that he can get on board. The door almost closed while only one of his feet was in, so he suddenly stood still, jumped in the carriage and then dragged his chair behind him. I couldn’t help laughing, rather loud, to myself and wondered will the people in the next carriage give him money?!