Saturday, June 21, 2008

I finished the "Open Door"

Much like the movie but still I enjoyed it much

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Favourite Passion

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Actually I’ve more that one book opened. “Cairo in 1000 years” by Jamal Elgitani, “The 23rd of July revolution” by Farouk Gweda, “Emma” by Jane Austen, “Aorz belabn lsha7’sen” by Rehab Bassam and finally “The Open Door” by Latifa ElZayat. Quite a lot, right? I sometimes get annoyed of such unfinished books but other times I feel that this is just normal because you know I can have more than one mood during week and even through day so I sometimes feel like reading a novel to fall asleep, other times I’m ready for a serious book etc. I like reading a lot and I’ve always wanted to join a book club. Do you know what that mean? Well, it’s an activity where a group of people meet regularly to discuss one book they’ve all agreed to read. Unfortunately such clubs are not common in Egypt, as far as I know. I thought of initiating one myself but none of my friends like reading that much. I once read an article in the New York Times about the importance of change and creation of new habits. It reminded of another article for Yousouf Idrees called in English “The other thing” in which he talked about how changing the road by which he returned home from work gave him a push of energy and enthusiasm and made him look at life from a new perspective. Of course changing the road won’t have this effect for anyone but considering that he is a novelist it makes sense. At the end of the article he wondered what would happen to his life if he took a new road everyday, read a new book, tried a new recipe etc. Anyway as we were all bored at work during that period and were feeling that we aren’t doing anything new or worth it, I said to myself let’s share the idea of the two articles with my colleagues. It was my first time and probably the last time to do this. Most of them dealt with the idea of discussing an article as a joke and began asking when I shall give them my lecture. Though I didn’t give up and held the discussion. Some kept laughing as I talked, others showed interest but at the end it wasn’t what I imagined. It didn’t allow me to express my thoughts, hear new opinions, and develop my mental abilities! The first thing I usually think about if I’m going on a trip is what books I shall take. Books always represent a good companion for me especially on the long train trips to Luxor to visit my sister who lives there. The last book I finished and liked much was “As for this, it is my dance” by Ghada M. Mahmoud. It’s a collection of the best of her blog published by El Shorouk Bookshop in a new series for the distinguished blogs. It’s a really good and light book. You should read it.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Have you ever been very busy that you’re doing nothing? You must be thinking that there’s something wrong with the question; but there isn’t. The thing is that I’ve too many things to do that I can’t concentrate on one thing and get it done. I’ve to go in a business trip outside Egypt and I knew the date of my departure only a week in advance! So now I’ve to study about what I’m supposed to do as it is a job that involves big responsibility and it’s my first time on such mission. The good thing is that 3 of my colleagues are travelling with me as well as our unit manager (though his presence may be irritating, it’s at least assuring). Also I should get my stuff packed. This has never been a problem to be as I’m used to travelling but not to Europe! I’m not even sure to take winter or summer costumes. The other thing that is keeping me confused is that I’m somehow in the middle of a treatment program from an abdominal pain I’ve been suffering from lately and I don’t want any surprises during the trip. Anyway I went to my doctor and asked for some strong pain-killers; just in case :). The 3rd and probably that last thing is that I’m giving a seminar at the end of July and I’m not done with the preparations yet. Got the picture?
I’ve made list of things to take, things to buy, things to do etc. so that I don’t miss a thing but still I can’t get one thing done. I think that I should just try to relax and visualize myself wandering in Europe (according to what I understood from my manger we’ll have time to go sightseeing only in the airport and the factory!). Any other suggestions to get things done?


Cairo (who knows may be the next time I write from abroad)


Saturday, June 07, 2008

May be it's time for change!

Today I've to move from my office at work to another office due to some managerial decisions. Though I accepted this decision with my own will (actually my direct supervisor asked for it as a favor and I couldn't let her down), I'm feeling so bad. I've been in the same place for about a year and a half. On my favorite desk, beside my favorite window and with my favorite colleagues. It's not a matter of being with my friends because we don't hang out at work but it's a matter of being with people of similar character, mode etc. In the new office, I'd have to deal with one of the most difficult characters that I’ve always failed to cope with "The loud character". I can't concentrate in the presence of such characters. I don't like to be interrupted every minute. I don't like to hear comments on everything I do or others do. I don't like to laugh and have fun all the time. I can't live and work in such environment! May be I'm just being too emotional but the surrounding environment really affects my work efficiency. I sometimes woke up depressed and feeling gloomy but then I set at my desk drinking my coffee while listening to fairouz and enjoying the morning breeze coming from the window, and gradually I'm in a total different mode. Anyway, may be it's time for change. And after all I should try to deal and interact effectively with all kinds of characters in order to be successful in my life and work (I'm trying to be more wise now :) ).

My ex-office