Monday, January 11, 2010

Delayed Plans

I was examining my 2009 organizer to copy some of last year’s notes that I might need this year, mainly the names of the books I write down through the year to buy or search for in the book fair, which is by the way will be held on the 28th of this month (for those interested, I’m talking about Cairo International Book Fair). I was really surprised with the amount of to-do-lists, things to buy etc. that I had. What is more surprising is that, many of these things weren’t done during 2009 and I believe that they were in my 2008 and may be 2007 organizers as well. Some of these things are really trivial and easy to do like spending a day out with my best friend, redecorating my room, organizing my laptop files, and having my hair cut! As for my great plans and things that I want to do, at least once in this life, they definitely need another post.

I don’t know why we keep, and I’m saying “we” because I’m sure that a lot of people behave the same way, so many things undone. Is it work that is keeping us so busy? Are these things not important and that’s why they we left from one year to another? Or we are just being lazy?

I once read an advice in an article about management that said that “In order to keep a task off your mind, you need to decide a course of action”. I think that the author meant that in order to be able to concentrate on your current task, you should have a written plan or at least list of the other task you’ve to do latter so that you wouldn’t keep yourself worried about the other task and finally miss up both tasks.

I think that I’ve been taking with this advice; it is just that I suffice with writing things down and never do them :)

Happy New Year