Friday, July 23, 2010

The 23rd of July Revolution

For many people this day pass unnoticed, especially when it coincides with a normal off day (Friday and Saturday) and so the government doesn't make it an official day off. However, in our family we usually celebrate this day even by just listening to the old patriotic songs. However, this year we did something new which is trying to explain what a "Revolution" means to my almost 5 years old nephews. I won't claim that I was very successful in conveying the concept but at least at the end one of them decided to be a Warrior so that he can defend the country if the bad guys got to rule again. I resisted the desire to tell him that we actually need his efforts now because this would have taken me into a long conversation with them that you never knows how it can end :)

So, let's not forget and download these songs today and share it with your family and friends:

P.S. I strongly recommend (الجيل الصاعد، الوطن الكبير، و صوت الجماهير)as they fit the occasion.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Egyptians

What I like most about us, Egyptians, is that we are survivors. We manage to live in the darkest and most difficult circumstances and find ways to survive. Some call this surrendering and being helpless but I call it survival. I always feel this, especially way when I see some girls selling different stuff in the underground. I won't talk about this phenomenon again but I've just seen a girl that felt like myself in another life or just in some other circumstances, and the examples are countless in our daily life. Maybe we just need to pay more attention to these details.