Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I’ve been facing a lot of its actions lately. In the past I used to get mad when things go wrong or at least not as planned to. Then I began to accept things in a very calm way. I no longer cry or loose my mind when I break my favorite mug, burn my T-shirt while ironing, go in a trip that turns out to be a disaster etc. I know that these are little things that shouldn’t be a worry in the first place but it started with the little things. Remember the business trip I was supposed to have a long time ago? After the issue of the visa, it was cancelled just 2 days in advance! My colleagues were very upset and stayed depressed for days, while it really didn’t make a difference with me. Of course I was annoyed because I had to unpack and rearrange my stuff but I just said to myself “قدر الله وما شاء فعل”. Then it was my turn to travel again and after going through most of the procedures, the embassy refused to take our passports because we missed the arranged appointment. It was ironic but again I said “قدر الله وما شاء فعل” and thought that there must not be good for me in this trip. Sometimes we try too hard to get something or to achieve something and don’t see all the signs that God sends us to quit, until we bring troubles to ourselves. This isn’t an invitation to surrender or become lazy; it’s just an advice to accept the facts of life and not to stand in the face of fate.