Monday, August 10, 2009

Why things are not surprising anymore?!

I remember the surprise and amusement I used to feel whenever I visited a new place, a nice feeling of excitement and happiness that I don’t usually experience in my ordinary days. Now all such feelings are gone. I don’t know exactly when this lack of amusement sensation has started but lately I just don’t enjoy my time and have fun easily. The little things that used to elevate my spirits don’t do that anymore; Fairouz voice early in the morning, a nice act from a stranger, a cup of coffee “mathboot” with a favorite book, a sudden visit from a dear friend etc. I was in Matrouh a while ago. I remember the first time I visited Matrouh, about 7 years ago, I was amazed by the view of the sea with its extremely pure water and different colors that change within the hour; the clean weather and many other beautiful things that I can’t recall now but just recall the feeling. May be I’m getting old! Really, I lately found out that the more experience you gain in life; the less you enjoy its little things. Though I think that it should be the other way round; the older you get, the more you appreciate life little things because by then you know how precious they are. I just hope to have these first time astonishing and amusing feelings again.